W3 Total Cache is an awesome WordPress cache plugin but sometimes the configuration settings with database driven plugins like WooCommerce can require a little tweaking. I’ve set W3 Total Cache up on numerous WordPress sites and usually it works great to speed up doggy WordPress sites and is relatively easy for someone like me to configure.

I noticed yesterday though that a couple sites of my own including this one that I’d just recently installed W3 Total Cache on seemed really slow and thought it was my web server. Today I ended up going in and disabling page caching. (Don’t forget to edit your .htaccess file.) I don’t know if it was a change in my hosting set up or what but having Page caching enabled was causing a very slow initial response time on my site.

Also don’t forget to test your site in another browser that you aren’t logged in with. For instance my WooCommerce shopping cart on this site was working fine while logged in as admin, but when not logged in as admin the cart wasn’t updating properly and items weren’t being added to the cart. I did some quick research and found this helpful advice.

Go to your dashboard and click on Database Cache in the performance settings.

In the ignored query stems field, make a new line and add:


W3 Total Cache WooCommerce Configuration

Save your settings and clear your cache.

That’s it…