WordPress Performance Optimization

WordPress Performance Optimization


Our WordPress performance optimization service will optimize your WordPress site with W3 Total Cache and provide 6 months of service keeping it updated and configured for maximum performance. We can make your WordPress website download almost as fast as a static html page. Includes before and after testing so you can see the results for yourself.

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Product Description

Probably the biggest drawback of all with WordPress is that it doesn’t have any built in caching features. More involved WordPress sites usually score D’s and F’s on performance tests. Everytime someone clicks on a page it builds a brand new page downloading numerous files and making multiple calls to the database.

If you have a site using an advanced theme with lots of images, plugins or end up with a lot of visitors to your site this can quickly slow it down to a crawl resulting in poor user experience. Page speed also plays a factor in your Google search rankings so don’t let a slow cumbersome site keep your website from reaching its full potential.

To test your website’s performance we recommend Web Page Test.

We will install and configure the free WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache for you. We will enable as many of the various cache features it offers as possible on your hosting set up. Proper installation and configuration can take most sites from D’s and F’s on the performance tests to A’s and B’s. We can make most sites download as quickly as a static .html page.


  • Caching of minified pages and posts.
  • Combines and minifies .css and javascript files.
  • Caching of RSS feeds.
  • Caching of database objects.
  • Browser caching by setting expire headers.
  • Caching of search results.

Have us set it up for you. Includes 3 months of basic support for w3 Total Cache on your site.


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