Host to Host WordPress Migration Service

Host To Host WordPress Migration


Is a slow or inferior web host slowing your Wordpress site down and keeping it down? Want to change web hosts but afraid of moving your WordPress site? We can move it to a new webhost for you no problem. We specialize in WordPress website migrations and we won’t lose any of your valuable data or settings moving your website to a new host. Let us have your website up and running on a new and better host in no time.

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We can move your WordPress site big or small to a new webhost no problem. We move WordPress sites around all the time to and from our development server to live sites. Our webiste moving techniques won’t lose any of your data and will retain all of your settings and customizations. Don’t let a bad hosting company hold your website hostage because you don’t know how to move it, have us do it for you.

We will move your entire WordPress installation, files and database and install it on your new host, then you can simply change the domain’s DNS settings to point at your new hosting and switch your site over with hardly any downtime at all. Our WordPress site moving migration methods retain all of the serialized data and won’t wreck your theme and widget settings.[/one-half]

Note: We don’t move WordPress sites to Yahoo or GoDaddy hosting. The web host we move the site to must be compatible with WordPress including up to date Linux/Apache/Mysql/PHP. We make no guarantees of how reliable your new web host will be, we just move the site for you from one host to another. We can give you a list of a few companies that offer quality hosting.

We always recommend a unique IP# for your website. The standard practice at most hosting companies is to crowd numerous domains onto each IP# which is one of the ways they’re able to offer their services so cheaply. We believe that a unique IP# is worth paying the extra $2-$3 per month and says to the search engines that your site is important enough to be on a unique IP#.


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