Quality original content has always been king with Google and now it has become more important in the post Panda/Penguin world of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization was never about building a bunch of low quality links to your site but about having a search engine friendly website with quality content that people like or find useful. SEO should be looked at as a long term contract between your site and the search engines. You provide quality content and in return they index it.

Gone are the days when spammers masquerading as SEO companies could spam a bunch of anchor keyword text links and boost positions in the SERPS. Now a lot of sites that bought into these practices or used companies that used them are paying the price. If they would have actually invested that time and money into making their websites better instead of trying to scheme their way into higher rankings they would have been much better off than where many sites are sitting today. Modern SEO is about building content, engaging your visitors and building a better website.

Content Creation The Key To Better Search Engine Rankings Infographic

Build It And They Will Come

Still holds true today, if you start a site and update it regularly with quality content and continually work at improving your website there’s a good chance that you’ll be successful. The key is steady regular updates, maintaining a high level of quality and giving your visitors what they’re looking for. I’ve always focused on content creation and have always done well with it. I’ve gotten sites up to tens of thousands of search engine hits a day by adding 7-8 new blog posts with images per day. This isn’t exactly a simple task though, I would usually spend most of my day blogging to achieve it and maintain decent quality. Do this for a year though and you’ll have thousands of quality posts and images, each of which basically act as a doorway page to your website.

Types Of Content You Should Be Creating

Blog Posts – This post is in itself content creation. Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your positions in the search engines and a good way to bring new visitors and clients to your site. For best results make sure your posts are at least 150 characters, 300+ characters are even better. The Title of the post carries the heaviest keyword weight but don’t just spam text into the title trying to rank for that word. Create an article or provide information your visitors will find entertaining and or useful. Blogging on a regular basis can increase your online visibility, build traffic and grow your website and business.

Images – Interesting images get linked on other sites, bring in clicks and build interest in what you’re doing. Whether they’re photographs, infographics and graphic designs original high quality well done images can be a great way to help build up your site.

Videos – Although usually more work than blogging or images, videos can be an excellent way to market your brand, products and services. Also YouTube videos usually seem to rank well on Google and they’ll show your thumbnail next to the listing.

Newsletters & Email – Can help you reach past customers and visitors and market your product. A well done non spammy newsletter on a regular basis can be a great addition to your online marketing arsenal.

Infographics – Infographics are interesting images that provide information about something laid out in a graphical presentation. Infographics can generate a large number of links to your site and build interest in your brand.

Make Your Website The Hub

The best way to centralize your marketing and content creation efforts is with a well done website, most easily achieved with a well done WordPress website. The majority of your marketing efforts should originate from and lead back to your site. Not only do you want to bring in visitors and customers to your site but you want to retain them as well.